The Goshen Intermediate School Counselor:

  • Assists parents and teachers in helping children
  • Conducts classroom Life-Skill Counselor Lessons
  • Meets with students individually as needed
  • Provides Small Group Counseling
  • Coordinates school-wide activities
  • Consults with community agencies
  • Promotes healthy communication and positive conflict resolution skills

The GIS Counselor is NOT:

  • A disciplinarian
  • An assistant principal
  • A social worker/therapist
  • A school psychologist

A Child may see a GIS Counselor for:

  • Study skills
  • Grief issues or serious illness
  • Emotions
  • New situations
  • difficult situations
  • School problems
  • Friendship problems
  • Family concerns
  • Success/accomplishments

How does a child meet with a GIS Counselor:

  • A teacher referral
  • Principal/Assistant Principal
  • Parent referral
  • Self-referral

How does a parent meet with a GIS Counselor:

    • Email or call for an appointment